Variety Cryptic 6: Disappearance and Production

 Sometimes you think of an idea and you just wanna make it into a cryptic. Hi! It's been about half a year-ish since the last variety I've made. A lot has happened since then, I've made some regular puzzle in between and got myself published a couple of times. With all that said, let's get back to the shenanigans. Test-solved by the ever-helpful  skaldskaparmal . I hope you have fun: (sheets) (pdf)

Exquisite Anatexis

 Back at it again with another puzzle that uses a bunch of hard fill, akin to a Times Monthly Club, or a Painstaker, but hopefully not completely undoable. The primary source for all fill is Collins Dictionary, which is strongly recommended to aid the solve. Thanks to  juff  and  skaldskaparmal . The puzzle exists on MyCrossword . glhf!


 Sorry for not posting in a month lol, I got kinda caught up with stuff and things and items and objects. Anyways, enjoy! :)  This one was playtested very long ago so I genuinely forgot who test-solved, so I'll use this space to say thank you to the Cryptic and Non-Cryptic Crossword Community. Y'all are great! Puzzle is on myCrossword . :)

Xeriscaping (Standard, Adversarial)

 Hi! I made another themeless - it's harder than the last one! (Why is it called Xeriscaping? idk i just like the word, it starts with an X and its pretty) As with always, I do encourage for you to try the adversarial clueset. For reference, I gave the puzzle to frisco  (thanks frisco) and he solved it far too quickly for my liking so I removed more footholds, gave it to Paolo Pasco (thanks paolo) and he still solved it far too quickly for my liking so I removed more footholds and now we're here.  Quite happy with how the grid and clues turned out. Good luck :) Standard Clueset: ( Puzzle ) Adversarial Clueset: ( Puzzle )

Variety Cryptic 5: Ghost in the Machine

 Can you believe that the last barred grid I put on this blog was in JANUARY? Like, hello - time, what is it and why does it fly? In all seriousness, these last few puzzles have really helped me hone my skills and were just fun to make. I want to thank all my friends who've helped form and shape my style of puzzling and who have just been all-around good people. Y'all are great. Life is a thing that will exist whether it is there to be lived or endured. The last puzzle I put on the blog was about a month ago (that whole one-puzzle-a-week thing was fun while it lasted). But the reason I set puzzles stays the same, I find it fun. I hope you find my puzzles fun too. [Thank you to skaldskaparmal for test-solving] ( pdf ) ( Sheets ) 

Oxymoron (Standard, Adversarial, Memes)

Hey y'all I made another puzzle with Frisco (there's three cluesets, again!) Frisco says of this puzzle: "Fucking I feel no shame, that's it, i feel no shame" Strong words. Anyways, pick whichever one you like, but also, pick the hard one because we're proud of the gas we got in there. Have a fun one! Please blame Paolo Pasco for the hard clueset, he let us get away with a lot Here's what lila had to say about the puzzle (she test-solved the meme clues!): Guys, I Swear I Can Make Serious Puzzles: Amuselabs Links: Standard Adversarial Memes

Queer Bostonians

 Hi folks! It's me again, sorry for not posting more but life happens and also I got bored and didn't feel like it. Anyways here's a puzzle which I quite like and I think is quite silly. It's over on MyCrossword. I've got a couple of grids in the works (and one coming out somewhere other than my blog in a week-ish!) so I'll be more active - but for now, please enjoy this puzzle whose name is a dumb joke that I find funny for some reason. Puzzle Link (oh shit wait, thank you from Brad, joeadultman, tui, Liam and probably_apocryphal for test-solving)