Hi folks, new puzzle is out on MyCrossword: Disclaimer: This is a type of puzzle in the style of a Times Monthly Club/Potoroo Painstaker, the words are intentionally garbage and obscure. All solutions may be found in Collins English Dictionary . Feel free to skip this one if it's not your cup of tea but if you're up for the challenge, give it a go! Tested by Liari , Matt , Brad , Skald & Juff Find it here: Puzzle

Seaside Resort

Yay weekly puzzle time, time for a puzzle, its that time of the week when i make a puzzle and i put it on the blog in between all the other stuff doo-wop do-wop. Tested by  Tug (his puzzles are here) MyCrossword Link

Mary, Mary

 A non-cryptic 15x with a neat lil' theme (or at least I reckon), hopefully should be challenging - hope you enjoy! Thanks to the wonderful  lila goldenberg! Full-Screen Link

Dramatic Comedy

im was tired and i didnt wanna make a cryptic so i got my shit together and made a themeless and did things - new variety cryptic crossword soon i PROMISE when i have a good idea but until then, i plan one ONE WEEK = ONE PUZZLE (i hope) (idfk) In all seriousness, here is a lil' grid at around a medium-ish difficulty. Tested by the wonderful  lila! (she eats) Have fun! Direct Puzzle Link

Breaking Bad

 New puzzle. Peek it over at MyCrossword. Have fun! (oops forgot to mention, thank you to Skaldskaparmal, juff, Liari and Agnijo for clue assistance)

Take Five

Hi again, it's another puzzle. It's on MyCrossword again - woohoo! Enjoy!

Adorably Deplorable

Hi folks! Felt like making a normal puzzle for once - today's one resides over at MyCrossword and along with the venue comes a different and, more importantly, British cryptic style and vocabulary (you have been warned). Other than the change of style, it should play on the easier side of things. Anyways, here you go: Puzzle Link Have fun!